For the ultimate high security fencing solution, we offer steel palisade fencing in a range of styles. Robust and hard-wearing, palisade is ideal for extensive areas and premises that require the highest levels of physical security.

The Palisade has long been considered one of the most important forms of defence; historically rows of these stakes would form a formidable fortification against waring intruders. Today the style of robust steel fencing continues to provide a daunting barrier to potential intruders.

It is virtually impossible to climb and is also highly damage resistant. Palisade fencing can deliver solid protection on a huge scale, making it ideal for large industrial and commercial areas where security is the priority.

Key Benefits

  • Vandalism resistant
  • Physical and visual deterrent
  • Climb-resistant in most cases
  • All-weather durability
  • Range of colours and finishes
  • Custom designed to specific requirements

BJM security fencing is custom-designed to specific requirements following a full site survey and security needs assessment. A choice of colours and styles is offered to match your branding or existing décor.

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Palisade security fencing

Palisade security fencing is ideal for securing commercial and industrial premises.